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Wednesday, 28th September

"The policy is progressive on the basic metric that the poorest are having their tax burden reduced and the richest having it increased" Ben Wray

We aim to make this event as participatory and inclusive as we can and hope to have as many of you as possible come along to participate in the discussion.

We are holding this meeting on the 30th anniversary of the concept of a universal income being raised and are delighted that Ben Wray, a journalist on Commonspace, will introduce our discussion


Ben Wray, Head of policy and Research a Commonspace introduced our discussion.

Following his introduction, we broke into groups for discussion. What do we think? How can we win support for it?

Report back from the groups: 

*Is it better to introduce UBI at a low level or at a "living wage" level?

*Likelihood of resistance from corporations, ruling class, rich.

*Alternatively or additionally, rent controls, land tax. - free basic services e.g. transport. UBI needs to be part of a wider campaign.

*How do we convince people this is possible?

*Should we convince people we should not have to work?

*UBI as an issue could help open up a wider range of possible changes.

*Could lead to fundamental changes in how things work.

* What impact would UBI have on Labour power?

*Examples of trials?

*Unpaid work - recognition/facilitation

Report by Pat Smith


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