Friday, 18 November 2016


1.         General

We have 107 card carrying members. We have monthly Assemblies and Organising Committee meetings.

2.         Since the last RCN National Forum on 17.9.16

a)         RIC-Edinburgh Assemblies

i)          28th September - Universal  Income.
            About 25 people had been in attendance. The talk was led off by Ben Wray from Common     Space. It was agreed that the discussions had gone very well.

            For fuller report see

ii)         26th October - Sustainable Energy for Scotland            

            27 people attended. The meeting was chaired by David Somervell   (Sustainability Adviser to Edinburgh University. Mark Ruskell (Green MSP)  sent his apologies and Nick Gotts (Green Party) stepped in, along with Penny Cole (Broad Alliance Against Unconventional Gas Extraction) and Callum  Macleod (Our Forth - Portobello). This was followed by a good discussion.          
            For fuller report see

iii)        Next Assemblies - 30th November - Campaigning Against the Arms Trade
            Melanie Scott of the Campaign Against the Arms Trade (will lead off and Anne Scott from Women's International League for Peace and Freedom will facilitate.

            Wednesday January 18th - Putting Women's Rights at the Heart of the Independence Campaign

            Emma Ritch  - Engender as agreed to speak. Pat to contact Basia Mindewicz  (RAZEM- Poland) and Pete to try again to contact Grainne Griifin - Repeal the 8 Campaign - Ireland). Sally Wainwright to be asked to facilitate.

b)         Activities RIC-Edinburgh has been involved in since last National Forum

i)         Saturday, September 24th - 'Yes' Craigmillar March and Rally,

            Hundreds gathered at the Craigmillar Library and the march was led off by apiper, Ryan Randall and followed by the Yes Bikers. It was loud and lively. RIC Edinburgh were there with the Banner. At the Jewel Miners Club Jim  Sillars, Lee-Anne Menzies and Robin McAlpine spoke to a  packed room. The event ended with music. A great event.

ii)        October 8th - Report of the World Justice Festival


The new RIC -Edinburgh banner got its first outing at the Migrants Gathering.

iii)        November  10th - Protest against outside Scottish Parliament against Erdogan's       jailing of the parliamentary opposition and suppression of the Kurds.

            RIC banner was taken.

iv)        Future actions to be supported - Saturday, November 26th - Cineworld,  Fountain Park, 10.30 - 13.30
            I Daniel Blake film screening with Paul Laverty followed by questions  and answers.

Allan Armstrong, 9.11.16

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