Monday, 22 August 2016


Wednesday 31 August from 6 - 8.00pm 
in the George Washington Browne room, Central Library,  
7-9 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1EG

The Radical Independence Campaign Edinburgh is organising this event on Asylum Seekers and Migrant Workers to learn about the challenges and difficulties faced by these groups of people and to consider how best we can campaign to make Scotland the welcoming country we would want it to be.

This will be a participatory event but we are delighted to have three outstanding speakers who will talk about their own experience in these areas.

Pinar Aksu, Human rights activist and Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees activist has visted and supported refugees in Turkey, Greece and Calais.

Phil Chilton has many years of experience campaigning on Migrant Worker Rights in Australia.

Nuria from Precarity Office and an activist in the Migrant Solidarity Network, Edinburgh

Come along and join the discussion.


RIC-Edinburgh Meeting, 27.7.16

There were 37 people in attendance.

The situation after the Brexit Vote was discussed after Neil Davidson gave an analysis of the Brexit results and what they meant. This was followed by discussion in groups.

We need to consider what we did well in the last IndyRef but also look at the weaknesses. What would we do differently?

Most groups talked about the need for Political Education, both ideas and skills, for ourselves and for everyone.

We need to refresh the vision of what indy means now.

We need to be active too and make a start now.

It is important we engage with people,  stop guessing and start asking people what they want and need now. What can we do to make a difference

We need to start changing what needs to be changed now.

Migrants and refugees
Defend rights of people living here and arriving here.
Other suggestions wer:- Livestreaming meeting so they are there as a resource.  
The need to reach out to people, Leave and remain, Yes and No.

We agreed that RIC Edinburgh will have monthly meetings
Suggested themes for meetings
Currency, Basic income, Disability rights, Health,  Environment, Agriculture, Human rights, Land reform.

Below are the Action Points and Working Groups from the RIC AGM. The Working Groups are open to all so please send your details to the address below if you would like to help with any of them.

We will have an organising meeting on Tuesday 16 August at 6.00pm  to plan for our next RIC Edinburgh meeting. The organising meeting is open to everyone so please come along if you can!

Pat Smith, 14.8.16