Friday, 31 March 2017


1. General

We have 107 card carrying members. We have monthly Assemblies and Organising Committee meetings.

Since the last National Forum in Edinburgh on 21.1.17

a)         RIC- Edinburgh Assemblies

i)         Wednesday, March 1st - Wednesday March 1st  - After the Independence Convention - Organising IndyRef 2

Jonathan Shafi (RIC) and Sarah Beattie Smith (Greens) introduced the topic. Pat Smith facilitated. 30 people attended. This was followed by a discussion with proposals. 

ii)        Wednesday, 29th March - The Struggle in Kurdistan

 A Kurdish speaker  introduced the topic. Nick Gotts facilitated.  12 people attended. This was followed by questions and discussion.

After this was round-the-table session, following on from the previous meeting's discussions on IndyRef2, and in preparation for the RIC AGM on 1.4.17.

iii)       Future RIC-Assemblies

            Wednesday April 26th - Organising IndyRef 2

b)         RIC-Edinburgh Organising Meetings
            i)         Monday, 23rd January
                        4 people attended

            ii)        Monday, 6th March
                        4 people attended
            iii)       Next OC - Monday, 10th April

c)         Activities RIC-Edinburgh has been involved in since last National Forum

            i)          There were 4 demonstrations in Edinburgh around the time of Trump's                   inauguration. RIC members were at all of them from the demo on Monday evening, the Women's protest at the US Consulate, the March to the Scottish Parliament on the 4th of February and the National Demonstration on the 11th.

            ii)         A number of RIC folk went along to the Audacious Women Festival Scottish WILPF Event on Wednesday 22 February, 7pm. Sally Wainwright     (RIC-Edinburgh was an organiser)
Speaking up for Women Internationally. Are Scottish women ready to act internationally?

            iii)        We have been along to a number of events called by called by Gals for Gals calling for a woman's right to choose and no repeal of abortion rights.

            iv)        On International Women's Day some of attended an event called by            International Women's Strike where we gathered at the Mound, Princes Street from 5pm to build solidarity and raise awareness of gender inequality in Scotland and around the world. 

            v)         Some of us were at anti racism demos on three consecutive Saturdays, at the counter protest to the SDL demo in Alloa, The Stand Up to Racism demo in Glasgow and the Anti- "White Pride" protest in Edinburgh.

            vi)        On a more uplifting note a number of us have been involved in the I Daniel Blake Community Screenings in and around Edinburgh. There have been 25 in all. These have been very well attended everywhere. We are hopeful that there will be positive outcomes from this initiative.

Allan Armstrong & Pat Smith, 31.3.17