Thursday, 26 January 2017


1. General

We have 107 card carrying members. We have monthly Assemblies and Organising Committee meetings.

Since the last National Forum in Perth on 19.11.16

a)         RIC- Edinburgh Assemblies

i)         Wednesday, 30th November - Campaigning Against the Arms Trade

16 people attended. Ann Scott facilitated
Niina Olllaketo and Melanie Scott of the Campaign Against the Arms Trade spoke. This was followed by break out sessions where a good discussion took place

ii)        Wednesday, 18th January - Putting Women's Rights at the Heart of the Independence Campaign

17 people attended. Apologies form Basia Mindewicz. Sally Wainwright facilitated.
Alys Munford from Engender spoke.  This was followed by break out sessions which came up with a list of immediate demands that could be implemented by the current government, as well as some longer term aims.

iii)       Future RIC-Assemblies

Wednesday March 1st  - After the Independence Convention - Organising IndyRef 2
Jonathan Shafi to speak. Jeane Freeman to be askes to speak.  

Wednesday, March 29th - The Struggle in Kobane.
Honor Kobane to speak

b)         RIC-Edinburgh Organising Meetings

            Monday, 6th December - 5 people attended

            Next meeting - Monday, 23rd January

c)         Activities RIC-Edinburgh has been involved in since last National Forum

i)         26th November - Cineworld, Fountain Park, Edinburgh, I Daniel Screening
This was followed by question and answer session with Lewis Akers (Scottish Youth Parliament), Jeane Freeman (SNP Minister for Social Security), Paul Laverty (filmmaker), Bill Scott (Inclusion Scotland), Mike Vallance (Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty), chaired by Sasha Callaghan (Disability History Scotland). About 400 people attended.

See article by Stephen McMurray -RIC_Edinburgh) on Edinburgh Peoples Festival website:-

About 12 local community showings have now been organised in the Lothians, with financial assistance from UNITE.

ii)        7th December- STUC No Cuts Lobby of Holyrood
Over 100 people attended this. (see for RIC banner

iii)       14th January, Radisson Hotel, Glasgow - Scottish Independence Convention
RIC-Edinburgh members attended,

iv)        Anti-Trump protests

About 400 people attended the Friday, 20th January protest at Wellington monument, followed by a march to US consulate. On Saturday, 21st January. about 1000 people (mainly women) attended the global anti-Trump protest at the US consulate .

Allan Armstrong, 21.1.17

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