Saturday, 13 February 2016


There were 6 people in attendance. It was agreed that the current political situation had changed. Without the immediate focus of referendum,most people had become involved in party activity (SNP, Greens and RISE) or single issue campaigns, e.g. Living Rent, anti-Fracking, anti-War.

Therefore it was felt that a more appropriate role for RIC-Edinburgh would be to organise less frequent one-off events to promote eider debate, discussion and education.

The first of these events was planned for Thursday February 4th. This would be a date on the EU - In or Out. It was hoped to get the speakers who addressed the successful RIC-Glasgow event.

Edinburgh would also be hosting the RIC National Conference on Saturday February 20th.

The possibility of organising another RIC Scottish Radical History event, including the centenary of the 1916 Rising was also raised.


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