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RIC Edinburgh meetings

RIC Edinburgh has met fortnightly since November 2012, apart from the height of the referendum campaign and the recent election campaign (for selected Discussion Topics see Since the RIC-Scotland AGM on March 28th RIC-Edinburgh has held the following meetings.

March 30th - Margaret Bremner, Scrap Trident campaign, 13 people attended
April 27th - Gordon Maloney, Living Rent campaign, 15 people attended
May 11th - Lyn Jones, RIC Edinburgh Economics Working Group, Myths Lies and Austerity + striking Glasgow Homeless Careworkers and Dundee Hospital Porters -  35 people attended
May 25th - Ric Lander (Friends of the Earth), Ellen Young (Concerned Communities of Falkirk), Pete Cannell (RIC) - Capitalism and Climate Change  - 22 people attended.

We now have 72 RIC card carrying members in Edinburgh.


a) The General Election Campaign

RIC Edinburgh has SNP, Green and SSP members and TUSC supporters, as well as candidates standing for the Greens, SSP and TUSC. In line with RIC-Scotland's decision to be a movement including anyone who supported RIC's 5 Principles, we did not endorse any candidate but organised hustings. Two of these were under our own auspices (Edinburgh South West and Edinburgh East) and two with Common Weal (Edinburgh North & Leith, Edinburgh South). Before the two RIC organised hustings, we canvassed candidates' opinions over an a number of issues. Leaflets were printed with selected opinions and distributed in the local community near the advertised meeting place. At these hustings RIC's Peoples Vow and Edinburgh RIC promotional material were also distributed.

RIC organised Hustings
March 25th - Edinburgh South West constituency, Wester Hailes Community High School - 55 people attended
April 1st - Edinburgh East, Jack Kane Centre, Niddrie - 57 people attended

Common Weal Hustings backed by RIC Edinburgh
April 21st - Edinburgh North & Leith constituency, Area C Coffee house - approx. 80 attended
April 25th - Edinburgh South constituency, Kings Buildings, Edinburgh University- approx. 200 attended

b) Saturday, April 18th, The People Are in the Streets -
Yes campaign in Edinburgh, hosted by Edinburgh RIC

World Premiere of Joel Venet's documentary, The People Are In The Streets (plus Chappin about Liam McLaughlin campaigning in Glasgow) at the Out of the Blue Centre, Leith - 80 people attended

c) Publication of Myths Lies and Austerity

The RIC Edinburgh Economics Working Group has published this pamphlet, which has been distributed at various meetings, the May Day march and Word Power Bookshop.

Edinburgh RIC also acts as place where members can raise local and national campaigns. Information is circulated to several hundred contacts.

c) May Day rally, 2nd May

RIC - Edinburgh members joined the attended the local May Day rally. Cat Boyd (RIC) was one of the speakers.

d) Scotland's Radical History & Culture Event, May 16th,
Methodist Halls, Nicolson Square

Welcoming session 11.00 - 11.15

Session 1 - 11.15- 12.30

A. Scotland's Radical Culture
Scott Hames, University of Stirling, editor of Unstated: Scottish Writers and Independence
Meaghan Delahunt. University of Stirling, novelist and short story writer

B. Scottish Factory Occupations
Andy Clark, Strathclyde University on Lee Jeans occupation

Lunch break - 12.30 - 13.45
Screening of The People Are in the Streets,
Introduced by Amie Robertson

Session 2 - 13.45 - 15.00

A. Scotland - the Impact of the '68 Generation
Ray Burnett, contributor to the first Red Paper on Scotland
Geraldine Gould, recollections of a political activist in Edinburgh in the early 1970's

B .The 1984-5 Miners Strike
Jim Phillips, University of Glasgow

Session 3 - 15.15 - 16.30

A. The Legacy of James Connolly in Edinburgh
Jim Slaven, James Connolly Society
(apologies from Chloe Alexander Ross, Aberdeen University, researcher into radical and labour links between Ireland and Scotland)

B. The Poll Tax in Scotland
Ewan Gibbs, PhD student, Glasgow University
Julie Smith, activist in Edinburgh & Lothians Anti-Poll Tax Federation

Session 4 - Report Back, 16.30 - 17.00

75 people attended this event. Suggestion also made for a national Radical History Working Group to organise future events.

Allan Armstrong - RIC Edinburgh Minutes Secretary, 26.5.15

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