Monday, 15 October 2018


The new RIC-Edinburgh banners on Johnstone Terrace one and a half hours before the AUOB march starts off

RIC's red flag bedecked Edinburgh Castle banner and the real Edinburgh Castle not yet flying a red 

Some well-kent RIC faces on the demo

Jonathon Shafi on the phone asking 'Where is Glasgow?"!

Palestinian and Catalan flags on the demo

Three photos of the RIC-led contingent on the Royal Mile - soon to become the Republican Mile!

Some of the queen's finest - AUOB stewards 'protect' 13 (unlucky) defenders of the 'White British' race

Two of the campaigns which joined the march - 'Trade Unionists for Independence' and 'NHS for Yes'

We're Scottish internationalist.....

... and we're young, nae feart and have hope and drive

RIC banners taking a rest in Hollyrood Park at the end of the demo - not a police officer or helicopter to be seen - truly a historic event (Historic Environment Scotland please note and raise a monument!)


Thanks for the photographs from Allan Armstrong, Pete Cannell, Grant Keir and Craig Maclean

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